Build It: Walthers Modern Diesel House 2 – Platform and Track Supports Assembly

I’m trying to keep the momentum going with my new Build It series. Today I completed the painting of the primary parts for the interior of the Walthers Modern Diesel House. I completed the elevated platform and track supports. See the video and exclusive photos inside.

Base plate with safety yellow.

Base plate and platforms with safety yellow.
Rust-Oleum Specialty Yellow Fluorescent Spray Paint

Track supports waiting for paint.

Track supports ready for touch up

After spending what felt like forever cleaning up the track supports where they attached to the sprue I gave them all a final coat of spray paint. I used the sticky side of blue painters tape to hold the track supports. This way the spray paint wouldn’t knock them over and I could make sure I didn’t loose any. I’m debating if I should add some rust weathering on them since that doesn’t seem like something that would be maintained in a maintenance facility.

Dry fit platform with base plate.

Figured the best way to set the supports was by putting them in their respective holes to dry.

The plastic cement on the platform supports was still a little soft and gave a little wiggle room. I thought it best to dry fit the platform onto the base plate and allow it to dry. Once the lighting is in, I can figure out how to get this glued in for good.

Another view of the dry fit with the base plate.

Dry fitting the platform while the support glue dries.

Another shot showing the platform and track supports. They went in fairly easy, but it helps to make sure the bottom is flat so they rest perfectly in the small squares on the base plate. Also it helps to make sure the groove that holds the rail is even and not twisted from support to support. Should be interesting trying to get the wiring done.

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