New YouTube channel with new series… Build It

I decided to create a new YouTube channel as a companion for this blog. As I build my layout I will attempt to capture each step of the process for others to see what I’ve done. I hope to cover each building, scenery, DCC, benchwork, etc and other related topics. Click thru to watch the first video.

I chose the Walthers Modern Diesel House as the first building in my build it series for a couple reasons. First is I want model a modern timer period and though I love roundhouses, they have become obsolete. Secondly is because of a series of videos I found on YouTube by user challenger3999 where they combined two diesel house kits into one large building. Watch the entire series, it is amazing! I wish he would post more.

What to expect in this series
  • Painting
  • Lighting
  • Motorized Doors
  • Automation with Arduino
  • Final detailing

Hopefully I won’t leave such large gaps between videos and posts like in the past. Until next time leave me love in the comments section, like the video, and subscribe to the channel.

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